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Telecommunication ENgineer

Harish Babry

I am Harish Babry. I am a Manager at Hill International, an Engineering Consultancy. My work is focused on managing the engineering of railway systems.

During my spare time, I have been exploring ways to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve problems faced by organizations due to a shortage of skilled workers across fields such as Oil & Gas, Railways, Mining and other heavy industries where AI can automate engineering and project management tasks. I have been working with Artificial Intelligence for the last seven years. The objective is to develop software that will allow engineers to perform tasks such as designing, drawing, and drafting bills of quantities (BoQ) on their own.

I became interested in AI E (alias Virtual Robots) because there were many instances in which tasks in a complex project that were normally performed by humans could be automated. Human labour is currently being replaced by machines that are more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective than humans. The idea of replacing human labour with machines intrigues me since it would allow engineers to focus on creative tasks rather than repetitive ones. The use of Machine learning will enhance the capabilities of engineers in any organization, enabling them to complete more work while spending less time on mundane tasks, such as data entry, calculations, etc.

My Experience

Inspiration must come from challenging and demanding projects and situations that require innovating thinking to solve.

A genuine passion for engineering aligned with the vision for a project is vital to facilitate optimum delivery.

Motivated and inspired leadership of engineering teams, empowers individuals to enable them to fulfil their potential while ensuring they contribute to the successful and timely project delivery.

Hill International

TCS Manager

Currently working as TCS Manager in Project Management Consultancy Services for Cairo Monorail


NK Consortium

Chief Telecom Engineer

Worked as Chief Engineer Telecom in Project Management Consultancy Services


Learnt from Thousands of Engineering Working-hours in over 38 projects.


my Skills

Over two decades of managing end to end EPC projects and thousands of working hours in spend have yielded an assorted range of abilities that addresses pretty much every capacity. Proven experience in project planning, program management, Design management, procurement management, and engineering on a wide variety of projects totalling over $30 billion in constructed value

  • Project Management
  • Design management
  • Engineering

Oil & GAS

  • Front End Engineering
  • Detailed Design / Interface Management / Construction Support
  • Proposal / Tender / Bids
  • Technical Solution development
  • Project Management


  • Design Management
  • Contract
  • Detail Design / Procurement / Vendor Management
  • Review, Approval, Monitoring and Control
  • System Installation / Configuration / Commissioning


  • Network Operation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Network / Equipment Installation / configuration
  • VSAT Network, VSAT Hub Operation
  • Network design

Education & Certification


Project Management



I’ve Worked With

From 2018

WDFC Project

Construction of Double Line Electrified Railway Track with S&T system and related infrastructure for Rewari – Vadodara section of Phase 1 of the WDFC

From 2013

Upper Zakum, Project

Island Surface Facilities worth $3.7 Billion for Zakum Development Company (ZADCO), UAE